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Arran: the Arabic name of an old area in Caucausia, approximately corresponding to the ancient region of Albania. In the sixth century, it was ruled by the Mehregan dynasty, who were Iranian [Persian] nobility, using the title of Iranshahs. It was separate from Shervan at that time. During the caliphate of Uthman [ibn Affan] it was conquered by the Arabs; in the fourth century AH its capital was Barza‘a [today's Barda [1]]; a little before 332 AH, Iranshah Muhammad ibn Yazid included Shervan and Darband (Bab al-Abvab) [Derbent] to Arran, but Shervan was separated from Arran in the next century, and Arran's capital was transferred to Ganja. Since the Mongol era, the southern part of Arran is called Karabakh.

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