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The coat of arms of the Barons Haden-Guest, based on the blazon in Burke's Peerage – Peerage 200918

Baron Haden-Guest, of Saling in the County of Essex, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.[1] It was created on 2 February 1950 for the Labour Party politician Leslie Haden-Guest. He had previously represented Southwark North and Islington North in the House of Commons. His fourth son, the fourth Baron (who succeeded his half-brother in 1987, who in his turn had succeeded his brother in 1974), was a United Nations official for many years.[citation needed]

The title is held by his son Christopher Guest, the fifth Baron, who succeeded him in 1996. Christopher Guest is a film director, writer, actor and musician, married to the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who is therefore the current Lady Haden-Guest.[2][3]

Barons Haden-Guest (1950)[edit]

Anthony Haden-Guest, the current baron's older half-brother, was born out of wedlock, and hence is not in the line of succession. As the current baron's children, Annie Haden-Guest and Ruby Haden-Guest, are adopted (and thus likewise not in the line of succession), the heir presumptive is the present holder's brother, The Hon. Nicholas Haden-Guest (born 1951). As Nicholas Guest has two daughters, but no male children, there are no more heirs to the barony.[citation needed]

Male-line family tree[edit]

Male-line family tree, Barons Haden-Guest
Leslie Haden-Guest
1st Baron Haden-Guest

Stephen Haden-Guest
2nd Baron Haden-Guest

Richard Haden-Guest
3rd Baron Haden-Guest

David Haden-Guest
Peter Haden-Guest
4th Baron Haden-Guest

Brian Haden-Guest
Christopher Haden-Guest
5th Baron Haden-Guest

born 1948
Nicholas Haden-Guest
born 1951

Coat of arms[edit]

ARMS: Sable two flaunches or, three Welsh triple harps in fess counter-changed.[citation needed]

CREST: A caladrius displayed sable, beaked, legged and charged on the breast with a sun in splendour or.

SUPPORTERS: Dexter, a leopard Sable semée of roundels Or and grasping in the interior paw a quill Or; Sinister, a leopard Or semée of roundels Sable and grasping in the interior paw a quill Sable.

MOTTO: Non nobis solum nati sumus (Not for ourselves alone do we come into the world).

Further reading[edit]

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